Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Asylum Blog Tour!!!

I am so thrilled to be a part of K.A. Tucker's Asylum Blog Tour!!  I absolutely love the Causal Enchantment series!  You can check out my reviews (5 faery kisses!) of Anathema here and Asylum here. So now let me hand this over to K.A. Tucker...

Thank you to Jackie from Sated Faery for hosting me today!!!  For those of you following the Asylum Tour so far, you will know that, on Day 4, fans chose
 Amber Heard

 to play Evangeline Watts. Today, we are going to pick an actor for Caden!!
This is an imaginary casting. There isn’t a movie in the works at this point in time. But, if you’d like to spread the rumour that there is, I’m okay with that J
Finding my picks for Evangeline was tough. Choosing the perfect Caden was close to impossible!!!  I was looking for the right balance of masculinity and beauty, all while trying not to feel icky as I went through gazillions of pictures... Below are my picks! I’m assuming they could play the calm, level-headed, sweet, Caden. They have the hot part down J
Jackie’s got a couple picks as well... Tell us who you’d vote for from the below list!

...For the role of Caden Jennings

#1 (K.A.Tucker’s Pick) ~ Kevin Zegers

Okay, so I’m not biased but... it’s pretty cool that Kevin Zegers is a native Ontarian, like me.  I REALLY like this one for Caden. He has the perfect balance of “pretty” and masculinity. And those eyes!! With the right hair cut and jade-colored contacts, I think he’d be awesome playing next to Amber Heard.

#2 (K.A. Tucker’s Pick) ~ William Moseley

I haven’t watched Narnia yet but this guy is a cutie and I think a great fit for Caden. He’s got the ‘serious look’ covered, based on the above picture J I might like to age him by a year or two but, with slightly darker hair and contacts... perfect!

#3 (Jackie’s Pick) ~ Chris Zylka

Chris Zylka is my first & probably favourite pick for Caden.  You might recognize him from his most recent role as Jake on The Secret Circle or previously from My Super Psycho Sweet 16.  I think he would make a great Caden with that strong and tortured look.  He also has those gorgeous and very expressive eyes that make you want to melt at his feet.

#4 (Jackie’s Pick) ~ Taylor Kitsch

My second pick is Taylor Kitsch.  Taylor has most recently been seen as Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights and has previously starred in X-men Origins and the Covenant.   He’s pretty versatile & I think he could handle playing a tough, but romantic vampire.

Those are our picks! If you’ve read the Causal Enchantment Series already, let us know who your favorite from the above list is (and if you’ve got other actors in mind, feel free to share). I’ll stalk the winning actor on Twitter to let him know he has been chosen!
If you haven’t started the Causal Enchantment Series yet, what are you waiting for?! ANATHEMA is currently FREE on Kindle, Nook, Apple, Sony, and Smashwords! The newly-released 2nd book, ASYLUM, is only $2.99.
As well, follow along with the tour for all kinds of fun and interesting posts, short stories, interviews, a vlog, and giveaways! Here’s the link to the blog tour event page.

ENJOY! And thanks to Jackie from the Sated Faery for having me here today


The Giveaways
Throughout the tour, I'll be giving away signed print copies of Asylum, ecopies of Asylum, and bookmarks for both. Make sure you enter for your chance to win! There will be one form used for all stops. You can enter once per day to increase your chances and your entries will be valid for each draw that takes place! Plus, there are ways to increase your entries through Twitter and Facebook. Check out the form for more details!
I do apologize - the books won't be signed as they are shipping from a U.S. address vs my own Canadian address to reduce the ridiculous postage costs. But, the bookmarks are signed :-) 

We have a winner to announce today for a print copy of Asylum................

Thank You, K.A. Tucker!!
So, did you get your free copy of Anathema? Did you fill out the form for a chance to win a copy of Asylum? Good!  Now I will give 4 of you a chance to win a signed Asylum Bookmark! 
All you have to do is vote for your favorite actor for Caden from above (or suggest your own) and I will choose 4 random voters to win a bookmark.  You can vote by posting below or by tweeting your vote (please include #AsylumTour & @jlynnmc in your tweet). Also, you do need to be a blog or twitter follower of both me & K.A. Tucker. 
Follow Jackie on twitter here.
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Good Luck & Happy Reading!!


  1. i agree with chris zylka defo.. maybe with ian somerhalders eyes even tho there blue instead of green still gorjus ;)

  2. I have Anathema and can hardly wait to start reading it! Thanks for the giveaway! ;D

  3. ~ William Moseley~
    thats my pick...not sure out of them I like any but hes is the BEST!!;))) I love her and her books love the blog! thanks ladies!!


  4. None of these dudes come close to my Caden! But if I had to choose, I'd have to say that Taylor Kitsch is the closest in my mind but it's a cross between him or Chris Zylka.

  5. I pick Taylor Kitsch!!!!! Woot woot ;)