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 Love After Dark features nine bestselling authors who create worlds and love within them. Not only will you find love between the pages but new content relating to their fabulous series! This bundle will include Brina Courtney, Ella James, Quinn Loftis, A.O Peart, Alivia Anders, HeatherHildenbrand, Julia Crane, Melissa Pearl and Beth Shelby.


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Elfin by Quinn Loftis
Lorsan stood and began to pace. “We need to move things forward. If Tamsin is dealing with
your human,”
“—Chosen,” Trik growled. “My Chosen.”
Lorsan waved him off. “Yes, yes, your Chosen, then. If he is dealing with that little issue, then he
won’t have had to time to move forward with the land purchase, which means that we should have
time to contact Leon and tell him to get it done.”
Leon was the human realtor that the dark elves had hired to help them find the land. Trik didn’t
care for the sleazy little man, but it wasn’t up to him who Lorsan employed.
“I’ll go see him.” Trik stood to go.
“What are you going to do about your Chosen?” Lorsan asked.
“You aren’t going to tell me what to do?” Trik raised his eyebrows at his King.
“Would you obey me?”
Trik’s face spread into a callous smile. “Not when it comes to her.”
Lorsan rolled his eyes. “Not when it comes to anything is what you really mean. Do what you
must, but at some point you will have to tell her who and what you are. Will she be able to handle it,
I wonder?”
Trik shook his head with a low chuckle, “I’m the assassin and spy for the Dark Elf King. I kill
without remorse. I live for myself and my own pleasure. I come from a dark people with dark hearts.

What do you think?”

Dirty Blood by Heather Hildenbrand
I felt the air in the car begin to change as I stared back at him. It felt warm and thick, like a
humid, post-rain summer day. And even though we were already touching, palm to palm, I
suddenly had an intense desire to be closer to him, pressed to him. My muscles ached with it and I had to restrain myself from scooting across the seat, and wrapping my arms around his shoulders, and burying my face in his neck.
The image wouldn’t remove itself from my mind and I finally had to wrench my gaze from his to keep from acting on the impulse. I was breathing heavier, partly because of the thickness in the air and partly from wanting to touch him. I wondered if he was affected, too, but I couldn’t look at him again or I wouldn’t be able to stop myself.
His hand slid free from mine, and he started the car and busied himself with checking the rearview and easing us out of the lot. I pressed the button for the window, letting in a gust of cold air. For once, I didn’t curse the cold, and was relieved when I felt the tension melt away.
When we were on the road, Wes cleared his throat. “Well, that was …”
I lifted my head from where I’d been leaning closer to the open window and looked over at him. He was running a hand through his hair, still searching for a word to describe what had
happened. He’d noticed it, too. “Different,” I finished.

He sent me a half smile. “Yeah. Definitely that.”

Here by Ella James
            Until the rock. I’d felt…like someone else. Something else, because I wasn’t anyone. Somewhere else, but not any place I could understand.
            And whoever or whatever I had been, I knew Milo. Not only did I know her… I had some kind of weird… thing for her.
            Even now standing in the grass by her house, I could feel the power of the memory. And I could almost remember something else. A cold purpose, lurking somewhere behind it.

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