Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Fly House by Misty Provencher

*Adult Content - NOT YA!!*

The Earth’s atmosphere is swiss cheese. To avoid the oncoming oxygen crisis, black-sheep heiress, Maeve Aypotu, has been chemically suspended in one of the Archive’s plush, multi-million dollar chambers, located underground. Scientists claim they can patch everything up in about 15 years, so, just to be safe, the Archive programmed the chambers to open in 17 years.

And then, everything on Earth went wrong. 

Up on the surface, Pluto has taken control of the planet, scorching away all signs of human civilization and reconstructing the environment to suit the Plutian’s lucrative dragon trade. Humans that survived are forced to be laborers, divided into five Houses, each handling a different stage of the dragon harvest. Survival and repopulation have become a currency among the Houses. To make matters worse, Rha Diem, the rugged leader of the Fly House, has gotten word that the cost of existence just rose to a price that no human should have to pay. And now there is a whole Archive of survivors that will be expected to pay too. 

Learning to trust one another may need to start small—with the fusion of one powerful Rha and one bad ass black sheep—before a damaged race can even hope to regain control of their alien Earth.

My Review  
Holy Sheet!! This story was crazy awesome! And I do mean crazy, with a capital CRA-CRA!! It Is a story beyond my imagination which is what makes it so addictive. Maeve I totally get – she is feisty and rebellious. She comes from money but refuses to let it own her despite her family’s insistence. She is determined to live life her way and those who disapprove can suck it! I absolutely love her! Then there’s Diem. Strong, handsome, good-hearted, leader and protector – Diem. And the fact that he works with dragons makes him all the more delectable! But as amazing as these 2 characters are, things on earth are such a hot mess they may never be able to overcome it. There are plenty of characters NOT to like, too. Some that are so repulsive they will make your skin crawl and you might throw up a little in your mouth when you read about them. Just saying… But don’t let that deter you any, this is an absolute MUST READ!!! Oh, and one of my favorite things? The names of the aliens. I'm not giving anything away but you will laugh your butt off when you find out what they are! 

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