Sunday, July 15, 2012

Giveaway & Review of The Intern's Tale by Shawn Keenan

Here's another great opportunity to win a very unique & entertaining book from the talented Shawn Keenan!  (Author of one of my favorites - The Buried Covenant) I think this cover is enough to spark your interest.  That's a mechomare you're seeing & I absolutely need one!  Although, I hope I don't have to live through Generex to get one... 

The Intern's Tale by Shawn Keenan
By telling his corporate bosses to shove it, seventeen-year old intern Kip Pureweather may have pushed the Incorporated Realms of America into the third Dark Ages.

Kip’s first assignment away from Vassalcorp headquarters in York City sends him on mechanical horseback to the farmlands of Ohio. With feisty office-maiden Abbey Fairchild in tow, the two trade barbs as often as they do stolen glances. Just as Kip and Abbey are finding common ground, Kip learns the nature of his assignment – the foreclosure of the Fairchild farm. When faced with destroying a family to secure his future as a knight-executive, Kip defies the all-powerful corporations and changes his destiny forever.

Kip’s insubordination makes him an instant outlaw, and the only place out of the corporations’ reach is the forbidden Empty Lands north of the Realms. But the Empty Lands hold a secret the corporations have kept since the time of the Generex, a war that brought them to power and ushered in the second Dark Ages. With knowledge of an imminent threat, Kip returns for Abbey, and with the help of a slave, a mailroom clerk, a tabloid princess, and the self-proclaimed greatest-mind-of-their-time, they take a stand against the corporations and the impending destruction of their world.
Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads.

My Review 
Wow! This book really surprised me! I wasn’t too sure if this was my kind of story at first, but I should’ve known this author wouldn’t disappoint! This is definitely a unique story. Kind of a dystopian, set in a time when corporations have taken over & the world is being rebuilt to their specifications. They top executives have gone back to old sport of jousting to decide who is “top dog” but in this case, the horses are metal machines rather than animals. I love the mixture of old-school and futuristic things. The characters won me over immediately. Kip is a lowly but honorable intern trying to make it to the top. Abby is a quick-witted, smart-mouthed office maiden who is determined to live on her own terms. Together they make quite an interesting team! The rest of their friends are equally unique and entertaining! Altogether a great story that will keep you on your toes the whole way through!

Now for the giveaway! Yay! Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below & you are all set!  Giveaway will end at 12:00 midnight on Friday July 20 & winner will be emailed & announced on Saturday June 21.  If you just can't wait to get started on The Intern's Tale you can purchase it for only $.99 on Amazon here or on Barnes & Noble here.  And please remember to show the author your appreciation by leaving a review!  Thanks for reading!

And a big THANKS to Shawn Keenan for donating an ebook for this giveaway! 

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  1. That sounds like an intriguing story and if I can't ride and own my own mechomare then at least I want to read about it. There are definitely some people in my life I wouldn't mind jousting with to knock them off of their high horse at work!!!
    If nothing else, I can vicariously live through the characters in this new novel :)
    Thx for this opportunity :)

  2. Hi there! Great giveaway! I'm a fan of anyone who supports Shawn Keenan, who is a great author.

    New follower via GFC.


    Ensconced in YA

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  4. Question for Shawn- Would you ever consider a sequel for The Buried Covenant?

  5. Consider it? I've got it outlined. I just really need some publisher interest in the first one to devote time to it. Actually, I may cave and write it eventually anyway. Jayke has big things to do!