Friday, June 1, 2012

Madly & the Jackal (Madly #3) by M. Leighton

How deep does love run? Deeper than the ocean? Deeper than memory? Deeper than magic?

Following their plan to save Atlas, Madly and Jackson return the spirit of Wolfhardt to his prison beneath the sea. But even the best laid plans couldn’t account for the surprises they find. This time, Lore aren’t their only challenges. 

Madly is special in ways no one could have guessed and dark forces seek to control her. They want her power, but first they must weaken her. They need her beaten. Vulnerable. Near death. And alone. But that task isn’t an easy one with Jackson at her side. The strongest of their kind, the only way to separate Jackson from Madly is to destroy his love for her, to erase it from his mind. And his heart. 

Is it possible to steal Jackson’s love from Madly? Or is their love the only truly unbreakable thing?
Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads.

My Review  
Wow! What a perfect blend of nonstop action and steamy romance! I love seeing this new passionate, loving side of Jackson instead of the constant struggle not to be a jackass trying to fight off his feelings for Madly. Just thinking about some of those hot scenes between the two of them makes me a little weak in the knees. Madly has grown so much since the beginning of the story, she is so much stronger with Jackson by her side. I am amazed at what they can accomplish together. Being a couple is not all peaches and cream for them of course, the Lore are still out there causing all kinds of trouble along with a terrifying secret weapon they have at their disposal. Although there were several parts that had me screaming (good and bad) ultimately I’m just left screaming for more!

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  1. *sigh* I could read this over and over and over again:) THANK YOU, JACKIE!!!!!