Friday, September 2, 2011

To Kill An Angel (Blood Like Poison #3)

Ridley Heller thought her life would be perfect and trouble-free once she had Bo back. Unfortunately, she couldn’t have been more wrong. Learning Bo’s true identity has left them with their most difficult decision yet. They have two options. One, they can run away together and spend eternity looking over their shoulder, hiding from both God and Sebastian. Or, two, they can find a way to kill Sebastian. Ridley feels like there’s really only one choice, but killing Sebastian has a major down side for her—it will leave Bo mortal and her a vampire. She’ll be doomed to walk the earth alone for all eternity.

What will they choose? And who will have to die in order to see their goal accomplished? Find out in the exciting conclusion of the Blood Like Poison series, To Kill An Angel.

Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads. 

My Review 
What an amazing book! And the cover is just beautiful! I'm still getting more tears in my eyes just thinking about it! This whole series was a wonderful blend of two of my favorite things - vampires & angels. The was the most amazing conclusion I could have asked for! There were many moments so frustrating that I just wanted to scream and every scene was so intense I could hardly stand it! The villains are as evil as they come but Ridley and her friends remain as loving and selfless as ever! And Bo, oh Bo.. as always he is a perfect soul whose love for Ridley is extraordinary. Some of the scenes between Ridley & Bo are so hot & steaming they will have you running for a cold shower! There is not a dull moment to the entire book & this has easily made the series one of my favorites!  


  1. As always, Jackie, I'm both thrilled that you liked the book and humbled by your wonderful and gracious review. I was really nervous about this installment and I can't tell you what it means to know that you enjoyed it so much. THANK YOU!! Woohoo! Sounds like it's time to celebrate:D

  2. Definitely! I'll get the champagne & chocolate! :D

  3. New follower here!

    This really does sound like a fab read. Definitely going on my TBR list.

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