Friday, March 18, 2016

Jewel of Darkness (Gypsy Healer Series #3) by Quinn Loftis

Jewel of Darkness
(Gypsy Healer Series #3)
Quinn Loftis

Dalton Black never thought he'd find his true mate. His dark past convinced him that he could never be worthy of one, but the Great Luna did not agree. She saw fit to give him a gypsy healer, the purest of heart among their kind. And now that he's finally found her, she slips through his grasp and into the hands of Volcan, a corrupt high fae driven mad by his own need for power. Now Dalton, with help from his own powerful friends, must find Jewel and rescue her before Volcan can use her blood to create witches and once again throw off the balance of good and evil.
As their journey begins, Perizada will once again lead a group of wolves on a hunt to bring down evil, but little do they know that Volcan is just a drop of blood in the sea of supernatural beings about to darken their path.

My Review 
Holy Freakin' Fae!!! This book completely tore at my heart from beginning to end! But I couldn't possibly love Jewel more. She is so strong and loving, willing to sacrifice anything for her loved ones. The gypsy healers have all already been through so much but I have a feeling their trouble is just beginning. One crazy, demented fool after another bent on torturing them and causing them pain. And on the good side - mating with jealous, over-bearing, smothering, furry werewolves that demand your complete devotion from the moment they stake their claim. But they're all a big ball of sexy so it can't be all bad. Anyway, I'm not sure how much more I can take!! I want to know the whole story from beginning to end right now, but I also don't ever want it to end! So I'm forced to hold out until the next installment to get my Greywolves fix.

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