Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Exaltation Scavenger Hunt

This is stop 37 on the 
#Exaltation #ScavengerHunt!

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Do you want to join the party and help celebrate the latest YA Romance from Jamie Magee?
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Our letter is (New Word – (i))

And our question is:
Do you call them cold drinks, coke, soda, or pop....or what?

SPNG Tags: Sam Winchester / Shrugging / I don’t know
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  1. I call them soda. #ExaltationHunter

  2. Sodapop... One word where I am at :) #ExaltationHunter

  3. I call it Soda :) #ExaltationHunter

  4. I call them 'bibite' (Italian for beverage) :3 #ExaltationHunter

  5. #ExaltationHunter Im a Northern by birth a Southern by choice Its Soda!

  6. Soda because I'm French and it's the same :) #ExaltationHunter

  7. There ia only one... DIET COKE!!! ‪#‎Exaltation‬ ‪#‎ScavengerHunt‬ #ExaltationHunter

  8. I grew up in Ohio calling it pop, but moved to Texas 10 years ago and now call it soda. #ExaltationHunter