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Helia's Shadow Part One (Starlight Age Series Book 1) by K.C. Neal

Helia's Shadow 
Part One
(Starlight Age Series Book 1)
K.C. Neal

Nineteen years ago, aliens arrived on a dying Earth with advanced technology and the promise of ensuring human survival in exchange for a place to settle. They were hailed as the saviors of humans and Earth.

Today, 16-year-old Helia wants two things in life: to step out of her over-protective mother’s shadow and become an engineer, and to stop hiding her romance with alien boy Kalo. But the world definitely isn’t ready for a human-alien romance. And worse, the human-alien partnership is crumbling. Humans are being arrested without explanation. Some of them are never seen again.

When the alien leader imprisons her mother on a false charge, Helia discovers the aliens never intended to help humans at all. Now, she must join forces with alien rebels and convince the young rebel leader that humans aren't expendable. If she succeeds, humans have a chance at survival and she has a chance at love. If she fails, the dwindling human race dies out in slavery.

My Review       
OHMYGOSH – this is killing me!! Where is part 2? I can’t possibly wait for it, I need it now!! This was completely intense! Earth has been destroyed and the aliens have come to save the humans that are left! Helia is one of those humans. She also happens to have a forbidden human-alien romance with Kalo, one of the Talons. Everything is going smoothing until the aliens begin showing their true intentions of enslaving the human race. Humans start being arrested for no reason, disappearing, or even dying. Something has to be done but the alien leader is very powerful. The only hope is for human rebels and alien rebels to work together but that seems pretty impossible since they refuse to trust each other. Helia and Kalo are definitely unique in their feelings toward each other. I love them both for trusting in each other and their love against all odds! Now I just need to know what happens next!!

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