Sunday, September 1, 2013

UtopYA 2013

First of all...
Thank you!
Thank you!!
Thank you!!!
For stopping by the blog and entering the giveaway this month!

And another humongous
Thank you!!!
To all the authors for participating and  making this biggest giveaway this little blog has ever seen!

Prize Pack 1: Nanette Del Valle Bradford
Prize Pack 2: Donna Dearing Harms
Prize Pack 3: Tina Connor Myers
Prize Pack 4: Jeana Todd

Prize Pack 5: Steph C Brentson

Congratulations!! I will be emailing the winners today!

UtopYA 2013 was such an amazing weekend!  You can fangirl your favorite authors, buy your own signed books and gather tons of swag by attending next year's UtopYA!

Check out the official UtopYA website here for news on panelist, exhibitors, and when & where to buy tickets! 

Scroll on down to see some of my favorite pics from UtopYA 2013!

Me & Jennifer Armentrout. (Mmmmm....Daemon.)

Me & Collin Patrick- the gorgeous cover model for Daniel in the Hope Series by Frankie Rose!

Me & Misty Provencher

Me with some of the awesome bloggers and readers I met at UtopYA over the weekend! Toni Houseworth, Kathryn Grimes, Mary Smith, & Candace Selph

Me & Adrian Boyd

Me & Starla Huchton

Me & K.C. Neal (No, she is not wearing a big puff on her head, those are clouds hanging from the ceiling. lol!)

Me & Tiffany King

Me & Frankie Rose

Me & the amazing duo C.A. Kunz (Carol & Adam)

Me & the amazing Shelly Crane (Huge fangirl moment - she is the author of my all-time favorite love story, Significance, & the creator of Caleb!!)

Me & Chelsea Fine 

Me & Heather Self

Me & Teal Haviland, winner of the 2013 UtopYA Award for Debut Novel

Me & Quinn Loftis, winner of 5 UtopYA awards! She rocks!

Me & Raine Thomas

Me & Heather Hildenbrand (She really knows how to handle a photo-bomber)

Me, Toni Houseworth, Candace Selph, Kathryn Grimes, Starla Huchton, & Mary Smith enjoying a night out! 

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