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Big Bad Bite
Jessie Lane

What would it be like to live in a world where you are considered abnormal to those who are above the norm?

Jenna O’ Conner has been taught her whole life to hide from everyone. Never to let anyone to close enough to know that she would prefer a shotgun for her birthday over of a bouquet of roses. She’s been smothered by her over protective family so that no one learns what she truly is. Which is not human. Nor, is she considered the norm for the supernatural Other community that is benevolent enough to share this world with the humans.
In a desperate attempt to live her own life away from the small town she was raised in, Jenna obtains her dream job as the newest member on the Wilmington Police Department’s SWAT Team. What she didn’t predict was that she would run into trouble her first day on the job, in the form of a deadly, mouthwatering man named Adam McPhee. Who is also not human, but more like a wolf walking around in human skin. He’s determined to figure out exactly what Jenna is, which unbeknownst to him, could very well put her life in danger. He’s also determined to have her all to himself.
As if that wasn’t enough for Jenna to deal with, bad news blows into town. A group of extremist Shifters who think humans are cattle and factions of Others worldwide should stay within their own species - never to intermingle. Chaos ensues. Jenna has to find a way to shut them down, but in the process of trying to do that, discovers things about herself that even she never thought was possible.
Who said the wolf was what you had to worry about?
Welcome to the real world.

My Review  
Wow! What a great story!! Jenna is so freakin' cool - she's definitely no 'damsel in distress'.  Even as she learns things about herself and her world that she never could have imagined, she handles it and kicks some ass in the process.  Adam immediately adds a little unexpected spice to her life.  You can just feel the power rolling off of that sexy body when he comes onto the scene.  He's a dominant wolf  inside and out, until he meets Jenna.  She just may have the power to tame his inner beast.  The whole story is filled with action and surprise, and some intense romance that will get your blood boiling.  It was so easy to get drawn into the Other world and now I can't wait to see what comes next for Jenna!

*This book contains adult content and is not for YA readers.*

~ Here's a humorous excerpt for your enjoyment ~

The house had seemed so much bigger to her before she parked two shifters and a demon in the living room. Now with the three large-bodied men huddled in the room, she felt damn near claustrophobic. Her Uncle and brother were smashed next to each other on her small dove gray loveseat while Kent occupied her only other sitting option in the room, a vibrant suede purple tufted armchair. The look of barely suppressed disgust on his face at having to sit in what he had announced was “a girly monstrosity that no man should ever have to suffer, in the house of his newest partner who he expected to have better taste no less.”  At least that was the reason he would give his therapist for the nightmares he was sure to endure.
Jenna just thought the whole damn thing was hysterical. In the chair that her Mama had gifted her sat a five foot eleven inch, two hundred pound, leanly muscled, smooth talking, lady killer with a easy confidence that landed him firmly in the egotistical category. But at the moment, a lady killer that would probably rather abstain from sex for an entire month than sit in Jenna’s girly chair. She could tell that the only thing that equaled Kent’s repulsion for her chair was his surprise that she would even own the chair. Sure, she liked being a cop and generally did mental happy dances whenever she was able to outperform her testosterone-laden coworkers who presumed she was going to be more of a hindrance than a help because of her carrying reproductive organs. She also liked to play with guns, and could shoot almost any gun she could get her hands on at an expert level, when most women would rather get a pedicure than pick up a handgun. But all of that didn’t mean that she didn’t enjoy some of the feminine ideals of life. Such as pretty furniture that was also super comfortable. You’d never catch her with anything pink in her house, but that purple chair with its lush velvet fabric was her favorite piece of furniture to curl up in after a long day at work. The fact that it made her partner uncomfortable to sit in, as if the level of girliness would rub off on him, was a bonus. He was acting like it was only a matter of time before someone would walk into the living room and demand his man card back.
And now, I have a very special guest on the blog today - Jenna's very own Mama, Mrs. O'Connors.
Hello, Mrs. O’Conner.  Thank you for stopping by the blog.  Would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hello there, JLynn! So, you want tae know a little about me? Aye, ok then. I was born in the green rolling hills of Ireland, but immigrated to America with a lot of my countrymen, and my family, during the Great Famine, or also known as the Irish Potato Famine. Ah, ah, ah… don’t ask the question you’re getting ready tae ask. I’ll never tell you my age, and as far as I’m concerned I’ll always be a vibrant 30.

How do you feel about your only daughter having such a dangerous job as being on the swat team?

My wee Jenna is my only child, and she is an extremely rare hybrid. She’s half demon and half wolf shifter.  She can crush your average two hundred pound human man as easily as you can kill a bug. So, I don’t worry about her in the sense that she’ll get hurt, but more towards the fact that I’m scared she’ll accidentally out herself to the wee humans. It would be a hard thing to cover up or explain away if she lost her temper and used her telekinetic powers to throw a garbage can at an escaping suspect’s head, now wouldn’t it?

Tell us a little about Jenna as a child, was she a good girl or a complete terror?

Jenna was overall a good girl, but she had her moments.  Like the time she got mad at me when she was sixteen, and I told her that she couldn’t date a local boy who had asked her out while we were at the grocery store.  So tae get back at me, she shifted tae her wolf, went hunting in the forest, and killed a wee rabid raccoon she’d noticed the day before. She then stuck that little bugger underneath my bed tae rot. It took me forever tae figure out what that awful smell was in my room. Hormonal teenage shifters can be a nightmare. It was hard tae be mad at her for it though. You see, she was just acting out of loneliness. Who could blame a lass for that?

What about Jenna’s father, anything you can tell us about him? 

Jenna’s father was a bit of a charmer. We knew it would never work out between us long term because he was Pack Master of the United States for the wolves, and I’m from a strong blood-lined demon aristocracy. Our little Jenna was unexpected, but her father loved her very much. It was why he stayed away for her safety.

Ok, now let’s get back to you, what was your childhood like?  When did you learn to use your powers?

My childhood was the stuff dreams are made of. Growing up in Ireland before all of this blasted technology was invented seems like a fairytale now. My family had a size-able home with servants and plenty of livestock. I grew up a bit pampered, but my parents trained my brother Rick and I mercilessly so that we could uphold the family name. My power developed a bit earlier than most of my kind’s normally do, so I started training after they appeared when I was fifteen. By the time I was sixteen, I could levitate a horse. And by the time I was seventeen I could levitate our home.

I’ve heard you are pretty powerful; can you give us a little demonstration of what you can do?

Well, my lovely JLynn, I could pick up your car with my mind, hurtle it through the air several blocks over from its original location, and never break a sweat. Needless tae say, you never want to see me pissed off.

Thank you so much for stopping by.  Anything else you would like for us to know before you go? 

Oh, thank you so much for having me, lovely JLynn! It’s been a pleasure talking with you today. I guess the last thing tae say, is to tell all your lovely readers who enjoy adult paranormal romance, that they should take a peek at my wee Jenna’s story in Big Bad Bite by Jessie Lane. If they don’t, well, warn them not to ask where those strange dents came from on their precious vehicles. I’m sure I would never do such a thing… even if that is how I convinced the ladies of ‘Jessie Lane’ to write her story.

~ Meet the ladies of Jessie Lane ~

Author Bio:

Jessie Lane is the writing team of Melissa Pahl and Crystal Leo. The two sister-in-laws share a passionate love of naughty romance, cliff hanging suspense, and out-of-this-world characters that demand your attention, or threaten to slap you around until you do pay attention to them. Because really, it is ALL about the characters. (They're kind of megalomaniacs - but don't tell them that we said that.) 

     Crystal and Melissa often live half their lives with their heads in the clouds dreaming of alpha military hunks, werewolves and kick ass heroines crazy enough to chase after creatures that they unquestionably should know better than to chase. 

    Their first YA novel, The Burning Star, was released in May 2012. Big Bad Bite is their second novel, but their first adult paranormal romance. They are now working on their next two novels, Walk On The Striped Side and Secret Maneuvers. With these projects underway, they are looking forward to showing the rest of the world their crazy stories, heroes and heroines that often plague their minds until written, and hope you will join them on their journey! 

Social Websites:
Website: http://jessielanesite.blogspot.com/

 Big Bad Bite – Release date set for January 28, 2013

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